Work Experience At Hover Craftie

By Matthew Henry

I’ve done a weeks work experience with Hover Craftie and over the past week I’ve learned quite a lot and really enjoyed myself too! On Monday we started with HTML5 game development. I researched and reviewed a couple of game engines and “Game makers” and complied a little review to show my views on which was best. Phaser was by far the best engine and we used it later on in the week to make a game which turned out quite well even though it took longer then we expected!

On Wednesday I was given the task to complete a tutorial with a video editor. I really enjoyed it. It showed me fully how to use the software and I got really familiar with it. By the end of the tutorial I was quite proud of my work and happy to show it off. I actually used it later on in the week to help my friend with some editing for a school video.

On Thursday we started developing a HTML5 game with Microsoft Visual studio. After taking a while to set it all up we got stuck in.

I learned a huge amount through this and I’m starting to understand code a lot more because of it! Its skills I’ll use later on in life when I’m developing my own games and programs! This went on into Friday as my code needed a fair amount of debugging, In the end though we got it sorted and I did a couple of odd jobs too!

I really enjoyed the last week and Have learned a huge amount through David!