Using downtime to refresh some key skills

I Don't Know JS

I’m currently looking to get some contract work up in Dublin. At the minute I’m just waiting patiently to talk with a few potential clients to see which suits best. While I wait I thought I’d use the time to refresh some coding skills. One area I’m always looking to improve is my JavaScript coding. I come from a c#, .net, managed code-type of coding background. The world of JavaScript can seem a little chaotic and frustrating.

During this period I’ve used a few great resources. Firstly I’ve gone through the brilliant JavaScript & jQuery Book, seen by many as one of the best books out there for learning JavaScript. I’ve also gone through the cheekily titled online book series “You Don’t Know JS”. It’s another great resource and it’s free! Finally I’ve made good use of my Pluralsight subscription, which has many great JavaScript video tutorials. Even though all these resources essentially cover the same ground it’s great to tackle them using different mediums, listening to different voices and perspectives.

I’m not sure if I will ever get to the level of calling myself a “JavaScript expert”, but I’ll keep plugging away and any downtime I get I will continue to explore the mad world that is JavaScript.