There’s no I in We

Whether talking about Hover Craftie or writing for this blog I’ve tended to use either “We” or “I” depending on the mood I’m in at the time. I like to think that We sounds a bit more professional, a bit more detached. I felt this was important in the early days when I was looking for clients to take a chance on a new design company.

I also felt maybe a little uncomfortable, like I was selling them something that wasn’t real.

As the company has grown and along with the positive feedback I’ve grown more confident in declaring that Hover Craftie is just little ol’ me. What you get if you hire Hover Craftie are sites and apps developed by me, and that’s a damn good thing! Clients can be confident that their product will match or exceed the work done for our previous clients. Hence from now on I will be writing as “I”, not “We”.

Of course, the hope will one day for the company to grow to more than just me. If that happens we may switch back to “We”. We will see 😛

Typed into my ancient laptop in Charlestown, Mayo, Ireland on the last day of 2015.

  • Yes but who is the we? You don’t have an ”About” on your site.