Our Favourite Podcasts of 2014

Working from home gives me a lot of time to listen to podcasts. Below are 5 of my favourites from 2014 (other than Serial of course!).


“…if something funny happens, then that’s okay too.”

Hands down the funniest podcast of the year. The whole pretence that Black and Showalter are presenting this serious podcast and that they are playing these characters that think they know everything and keep catching each other out. It’s genius.


99% Invisible

“I’m Roman Mars”

Always interesting stories from Roman Mars – a shorter version of ‘This American Life’ in some ways.

The blog posts that accompany each show are also full of really great info too.


U Talkin’ U2 To Me?

“This is Scott…and this is Scott”

I have zero interest in U2. But that’s not the point of this podcast. It’s essentially Scott and Scott talking shit for about an hour and a half and the U2 business is purely co-incidental. The sheer lack of U2 talk makes it even funnier!


NPR All Songs Considered

There really aren’t that many decent music podcasts. Luckily the one we have is totally ace. ‘All Songs Considered’ is where I’ve discovered most of my musical obsessions from 2014.


Second Captains

“2nd captain, 1st captain, whatever”

The best sports podcast out there. Mostly concerned with Irish sport but they also take a broad look at stories from around the world.


What are some of your favourites? I’d love to hear about them!!