I’m currently based in Charlestown, Mayo, Ireland. I spend half the year based in Dublin and the other half out west. I’m kept busy at the minute and don’t have much money to show for it, but I’m happy out!

I currently spend my time on these things:

  • Developing this business from the ground up – mostly working on client websites
  • Looking to get into Game design, and with that in mind I’ve have just released our first book based on what I’ve learned so far
  • Tinkering with a few app ideas we have – the hope is to some day spend all my time on my own projects instead of having to take on client work
  • Creating interesting and useful blog posts
  • Keeping fit and healthy and playing a bit with the local Football team
  • I set up and champion the local CoderDojo here in Charlestown on the weekends.
  • I plan on buying a food processor for xmas so I can start making my own pizzas soon!

Last updated: October 28th, 2015.