Moving to Dublin

and starting our first contracting Role

As of tomorrow I will be moving to Dublin. It’s an exciting new chapter for the company. I will be contracting for Accenture for 6 months and can’t wait to start.

I’m hoping to go travelling in 2017 so it just made sense to look for a longer term contract. I’ve really enjoyed taking on lots of small web design jobs for 1 to 2 weeks worth of work at a time but the only issue was the many¬†peaks and troughs this type of work brought.

I actually used to work for Accenture for many years so I’m hoping I will fit back in seamlessly enough. They’re a great company and the work I will be doing sounds exciting.

It does mean that I will not be taking on any new client work for the rest of the year, so apologies to anyone looking to get a new site up and running, you’ll have to look for alternative solutions for now!

For any of my current clients I will continue to keep an eye on your sites and will deal with any issues that arise in a timely manner.