How To Register .ie Irish Domain Name for an Irish Town or Place-name

If you want to purchase a .ie Irish domain name for a town or place in Ireland you will not be able to simply use a domain name registrar as you normally would. In essence the local councils own the rights to all domain names for places within their area. Below is the process you will need to follow:

  1. Contact the local County Council – i.e. if your town is in Mayo then contact Mayo CoCo by phone or email – phone is best for immediate results.
  2. Explain your request and ask to be put through to the person in charge of this domain name area, someone in the IT dept more than likely.
  3. Request to be emailed the application form for the use of your place name with a .ie address.
  4. When filling it out you will need to supply some form of official contact from the place you are looking to use – i.e. a chairperson of the recognised local community group, a local councillor etc.
  5. You will probably need to print out the form, sign it, scan it and send it back to the council contact.
  6. The council will more than likely register the domain for you before handing it over to you. They may allow you to register it yourself but you will need a letter from the council confirming their permission to give to the registrar.

Some councils with be better set up than others. But in general this process is painful. You will probably be passed around the houses until you finally reach the correct person. Once you do get in touch you will need to fill out a form, scan it and email to them. Presumably they will then print it out and it will be placed on another stack of documents for x amount of time. Be prepared to have to contact the person in the council a week or two later when you hear nothing from them!