Getting Eir Sports on your Sky Box for Free

2 Step Process

A lot of people have recently switched over to Eir broadband in the last few months in the Charlestown area.

One of the perks of getting Eir broadband is the free access to the Eir Sports package. This package includes 2 Eir Sport Channels and 4 BT Sport Channels. With Eir Sports having exclusive rights to the GAA national leagues and BT sports showing a large number of Premier league football games this is a handy little package to have.

While you can watch the channels on the Eir Website there is actually a very easy way to get these channels to work on your Sky TV Box.

  1. Register HERE if you have not already created a “My Eir” account. You will need to know your Eir account number if you are registering and also be able to provide an email address.
    • Once you finish registering check your email account and click on the link in the email that Eir send to you. This activates your account.
  2. Finally just go to the Sky TV Eir Sports Subscription page HERE and follow the 4 step process, starting at step 1 by entering in the login details you used when registering for your My Eir account.
    • Note that if you have 2 Sky Boxes (i.e. multi-room) then you can connect both boxes to Eir sport for free at Step 2. If you have just one box then just enter in the details for that box. By “details” I mean the 9 digit number on your Sky Card which is inserted into your Sky Box.
      • Be sure to Insert the Sky Card back into the box before proceeding to Step 3 in the process.



I don’t know my Eir Account Number:

A common issue is not knowing your Eir Account Number when registering for an account. If you don’t know it then the simplest way to get it is to chat online with a member of the Eir Support team. Simple go HERE and explain that you need to know your Eir Account Number – they will ask you some verification questions – date of birth etc – and then you will know your account number. Alternatively call Eir on your landline at 1901.

I can’t find the page to connect Eir Sports to the Sky TV

Strangely enough the link that Eir provide on their Eir Sports home page does not bring you to the correct subscription page. If you go to this page: you will see a link saying ‘connect Eir Sports to my Sky Box’ – this brings you to which is not the page you actually want. Instead you should go to

I can Access Eir Sports 1 and Eir Sports 2 but not Eir Sports 2 HD on my Sky Box

Another little oddity of Eir Sports is that they have TWO Eir Sports 2 Channels, Eir Sports 2 and Eir Sports 2 HD. While this is not unusual in itself (many channels provide both regular and high definition versions of their channels on Sky), what is unusual is that at certain times both these channels show different programs at the same time. For example last Saturday at 7pm the Mayo v Kerry GAA game was on Eir Sports 2 HD while the Cork v Clare GAA game was on Eir Sports 2.

Some people have reported not being able to access Eir Sports 2 HD. While the exact reason is unknown it is more than likely due to your Sky Box not being one of the newer Sky+ HD boxes. Whether your TV is HD or not should not matter as non-HD TVs can display HD channels just fine, just in regular definition. I would recommend changing to a SKY+ HD box sooner rather than later as Eir Sports 1 will probably change to HD soon also.

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